OSEA PRODUCTS SAC, is a producer, exporter and commercial agent of hydrobiological resources. Since 1998, our founding partners are engaged in the production and marketing of fish products, with extensive experience that allows them to produce and supply the main customers around the world.

The rigorous selection of the raw material, the careful training of the dedicated work team, the importance assigned to the quality system and our investments in state-of-the-art technology have allowed us to obtain a high international level for which the company feels at the disposal of serve your customers efficiently. Our quality control department, has staff experienced in the processing of hydrobiological products, our products are made in accordance with good commercial practices to achieve our objectives which are based on the HACCP quality standards and the BPM and SSOP programs, providing a safe and quality product for final consumers.

Our company has at our disposal our products according to seasons and those that you may request, which we will attend from our commercial offices located at strategic points in the world, managing the markets in SOUTH AMERICA, ASIA and EUROPE.


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Av. Santo Toribio 173, Vía Central 125, Torre Real, Piso 16
San Isidro,L27 Lima – Perú
Tel.: +51-1-710 4278 - Email: info1@oseagroup.com.pe